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How Facebook Ads Can Dramatically Increase Traffic to Your Website

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Social media can be one of the most effective tools for businesses to connect to their customers and engage their target audience. However, it requires more than simply creating a business Facebook page and posting engaging, informative content. Facebook advertising is a critical aspect of an effective social media marketing strategy for any business. It can dramatically increase your website traffic when used correctly.

Set Your Ad Objectives

The first step you need to complete when setting up your Facebook advertising is to choose an ad objective. This step is critical to help you effectively reach the right target audience and ensure they find the information they seek.

In general, Facebook offers three objective categories, including awareness, consideration, and conversion. Each category includes several subcategories to ensure you are focusing your ads on the right people with your goals in mind. 

Optimization Is Key

When many people hear the term optimization, they think of search engine optimization to use the right keywords to help people find a business. However, optimization is a critical factor in many aspects of reaching your target audience, including your Facebook advertising.

Optimizing your advertising is about more than just the keywords you use; it’s also about creating an attractive, engaging ad that will increase visitors to your website. When you use effective link-building strategies with a well-designed, informative landing page, you can rest assured that you’ll convert more sales and attract more visitors. 

Create for Mass Appeal

It can be tempting to create advertisements and landing pages for a specific customer segment, but this isn’t always the best way to dramatically increase traffic to your website. While these ads have their place and can still be used, it’s also essential to create advertisements that appeal to a much larger audience.

Because Facebook advertising operates on a pay-per-click formula instead of impressions, you can afford to put your ad in front of a much larger audience without significantly increasing your marketing costs. You will likely experience a much lower cost-per-click rate when you address a mass audience versus selecting a much smaller segmented audience. 

The Potential to Go Viral

We’ve all witnessed the impact of a social media post that has gone viral with millions of views in a short time. While this phenomenon isn’t easy to achieve, it can produce dramatic results for your business and help you grow more quickly.

Interesting, informative, and entertaining videos are some of the best ways to increase the chances your Facebook ad will reach viral status. You may need to try a few things before you finally find the strategy that works best for you and helps you vastly expand your reach. 

Retarget Visitors 

How many times have you searched something on Google and then saw the same or a similar advertisement the next time you logged in to Facebook? Facebook ads use a unique strategy that allows them to use the information you already searched to target advertisements that may interest you.

You can give your business an advantage by tapping into this powerful tool. Studies show that only about two percent of visitors convert to sales the first time they visit your website. Because Facebook will put your advertisement in front of individuals multiple times, you increase your chances of driving more traffic and converting more sales without drastically increasing your marketing costs.

If you need help developing and implementing effective Facebook advertising to drive more traffic to your website, contact us to discuss the best strategies to give you results.

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