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Quick fixes for your company website

5 Quick Fixes for Your Company Website

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Designing a website is not enough to make it an effective marketing tool. Once you have your website up, you'll need to improve your site's performance if you want it to be more than just pretty. Here are 5 quick fixes for your company website that will increase performance and, hopefully, turn prospects into lifelong customers.

1. Add Quality Content and Research Keywords

Adding quality content and researching keywords for SEO is essential for client engagement and for ranking well on the search engines, Google above all others. 

2. Make sure the design of your website is mobile responsive

Did you know that Google now penalizes sites that aren't mobile-friendly? In other words, if you're not following Google's mobile website guidelines, you may not rank, meaning people can't find you.

There are many facets of your mobile site that may hurt your Google page rank that you never even consider. Load time for example is a key component of Google's mobile ranking algorithm. 

3. Be Sure Your Website Works Well with Popular Browsers

When you're done with the design of your website, be sure it's working well on all browsers. For example, make sure to include compatibility for Google Chrome and Safari.

4. Update Content Regularly

If you don't update your website regularly ,over time it will become outdated and not perform as well in search engines. Some online searchers won't trust an old site that hasn't been updated lately. It's also a good idea to add new content when you add pages or change your layout so visitors can find what they need more conveniently.

5. Use SEO Tools but Monitor Their Effectiveness Carefully

You can use tools such as Moz Pro or SEMrush to help monitor how your website is doing with search engines and if they have been growing your traffic. Take these tools for a test drive and see what they can do to improve your site. If you don't know much about SEO, watch a few videos (here is a wonderful SEO video), as this knowledge is invaluable, even if you use a professional to improve your Search Engine Optimization.

The most important part of improving a business website isn't just growing traffic; it's converting that journey into sales. Consider your strategy for this. Are you driving traffic through blogging? Do you have an email marketing strategy? Do you have a lead generation system? Not sure? Do a little research, as these are all key parts of improving your company website.

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